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Wei Min Wang, Dipl.-Ing.



Wei Min Wang studied industrial engineering with a focus on software engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and has been working as a research assistant at the department since 2012. Among other things, he was involved in the infrastructure project for the Collaborative Research Centre 1026 - Sustainable Manufacturing, where he led the development of IT tools and services to support research activities. He has also worked on the development of laboratory concepts in the field to create innovative testing environments for modern working methods and development tools. Under his leadership, the Engineering Collaboration and Control Center was created, which opens up a wide range of opportunities for researchers and developers to work together in a wide variety of forms. His research is currently focusing on knowledge dynamics in product development processes.

Research topics:

    •     Collaboration in product development processes
    •     Knowledge processing in product development processes
    •     Sustainable product development
    •     Visualization of data, information and knowledge

      Current projects:

      • DFG-funded project "Knowledge in Milestone Driven Product Development Processes"
      • ecoMaker
      • WiMi+
      • VLab - Reference model for data provision processes

      Selected publications:

      • Data Management in Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research Projects - Conclusions from the Digitalization of Research in Sustainable Manufacturing (2016)
        W.M. Wang, T. Göpfer, R. Stark
        In: ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 5, 41. 
      • Einsatz von Ontologien zur Vernetzung von Wissensdomänen in der nachhaltigen Produktentstehung am Beispiel des Sonderforschungsbereiches 1026 – Sustainable Manufacturing (2014)
        R. Stark, W.M. Wang, A. Pförtner, H. Hayka
        In: Entwerfen. Entwickeln. Erleben. Beiträge zur virtuellen Produktentwicklung und Konstruktionstechnik. Dresden: TU Dresden, S.451-463.
      • Graphical Visualization of Sustainable Manufacturing Aspects for Knowledge Transfer to Public Audience (2014)
        W.M. Wang, L. Wolter, K. Lindow, R. Stark
        In: 12th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing. Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

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      Dipl.-Ing. Wei Min Wang
      phone: +49 (0)30 39006 387
      Room PTZ 562