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Kompetenzmanagementsystem für die Produktentwicklung
Zitatschlüssel Kind.2008
Autor Kind, C.
Seiten 18–19
Jahr 2008
ISSN 1438-1125
Journal Futur: Vision und Innovation. Mitteilungen aus dem Produktionstechnischen Zentrum (PTZ), Berlin
Jahrgang 10
Nummer 1
Zusammenfassung To form a striking team for large product development projects, capabilities of design and engineering personal have to be administrated, screened and tracked with respect to the staff competencies and the requirements defined by the process. Based on this preparatory work, engineers can be effectively assigned to their tasks and make continuous innovations possible. Based on fuzzy logic algorithms, available competencies are matched to requirements and missing competencies are being identified. A special focus lies on the detection of available competencies that are similar to those required and could be developed into those by using short-term training courses. Further research based on the prototype implementation is aiming for simulating and therewidth predicting parameters such as duration or costs of product development processes, carried out by identified persons from the available competence pool with or without necessary precedent training sessions.
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