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Interface errors - an issue in complex virtual product creation
Zitatschlüssel Stark.2009c
Autor Stark, R. and Stöckert, H.
Buchtitel Proceedings of ICED'09
Seiten 465–476
Jahr 2009
ISBN 978-1-904670-09-4
Adresse Glasgow
Herausgeber Norell Bergendahl, M. and Grimheden, M. and Leifer, L. and Skogstad, P. and Lindemann, U.
Verlag Design Society
Zusammenfassung Growing complexity in virtual product creation is, amongst other reasons, caused by increasing numbers of process steps and the associated increase of process links. Therefore, conformity regarding formal process requirements becomes more and more relevant. Further decrease of vertical integration, international and interdisciplinary cooperation, outsourcing approaches and enhanced concurrent engineering fortify this evolution. A large but limited number of root causes around this complex of problems has been identified and is focused on the interface between process steps. Whereas business administration research already recognized interfaces as heavy risk for errors, industrial product creation and engineering research has not yet reached this viewpoint. This is why process interface req uirements are often ill described and therefore requirement compliance is still insufficient. According cognitions are mainly based on analyses in the automotive and aviation industries.
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