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Dynamic reference model of IT and process quality in digital networked product development in SMEs (DIP)


Model of the development environment in general and company-specific variants

Formation and Usage of the Reference Model

Development and usage of the reference model


Within the framework of the research project, a holistic view of the networked development environment, more specifically the entirety of influencing instances, models, measures and working methods, should be taken. The focus is on the quality of IT (information technologies, models and applications), corporate processes and their flexible ability to collaborate with other companies, taking the above-mentioned trends into account. These internal (IT and processes) and external (collaboration capability) aspects form the core of the dynamic reference model. On the basis of a self-assessment of the SMEs, recommendations for action in terms of a continuous improvement process (CIP) can be derived for the company. Thus the central aim of the research project is to enable SMEs to dynamically assess the quality of the internal company development environment and to assess the ability to collaborate in networked product development and to present the optimization potentials in a usable way. Consequently the dynamics affect both the changing technological and market-specific challenges for the SME itself (isolated consideration of an SME) as well as the cooperation with changing development partners (consideration of the collaboration of several SME).


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