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Digital Product Digital User (DPDU)

Product example operating table

Product example operating table


The project is part of the merger of the departments Cognitive Modelling in Dynamic Human-Machine Systems and the Department of Biopsychology and Neuroergonomics. In a series of 4 experiments test persons and cognitive models are investigated with regards to their interaction with different virtual and real products. The main component of the 4 experiments are the abilities for mental rotation and mental folding. Mental rotation describes the skill to rotate a depicted object in the mind. Mental Convolution is the idea of folding together objects such as cube nets in one's mind. Normally two pictures are shown. After mental examination a statement shall be made whether the two shown objects are identical. The first experiment is limited to mental folding or rotation on the monitor. The second experiment combines the two methods. In the third experiment, an additional manual interaction of the test subjects with the test objects is integrated. The fourth experiment uses the product example of an operating table. Thereby, the test person moves into a virtual environment with the help of a head-mounted display and interacts with the table. An essential component is the communication between the Adaptive Control of Though-Rational (ACT-R) model, the Digital User, and the Digital Product, i.e. the CAD image of the real operating table. The ACT-R model represents the virtual user.  It is a cognitive architecture programmed in LISP to model human cognitive processes. Especially the development work of a bidirectional interface between ACT-R and the product serves as a basis for the further validation of other products in product development. The entire project aims to involve the user as early as possible in product development in order to secure a new product as early as possible.

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