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Magda Berkhahn, M. Sc.



Magda Berkhahn studied environmental science and technologies at the TU Berlin. During her masters program, she specialized in the fields of circular economy, environmental process engineering and management in sustainable development. For the inter- and transdisciplinary approach of her studies she received the sustainability certificate for students of the TU Berlin. For this she completed courses and project labs, attaining further corss‑disciplinary competences in sustainable development.

During her studies, she worked as a student assistant at the Department of Industrial Information Technology for three years in which she supported the ecoMaker and OPEN!NEXT research projects.

In October 2021, she joined the Department of Industrial Information Technology as a research associate, leading the research work of the TU Berlin in the collaborative project BioFusion 4.0.

Within her current project and beyond, she is investigating the implementation and efficiency of innovative production materials and techniques to increase sustainability in industry.



Research topics:

  • EcoDesign
  • Collaboration in Product Development Processes
  • Industrial Product Design
  • Data Science for Sustainable Assessment and Developmen

Current Projects:

  • BioFusion 4.0 (Biologische Transformation 4.0: Weiterentwicklung von Industrie 4.0 durch Integration biologischer Prinzipien)


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