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Qin Yang, Assoc. Prof. Dr.


Associate Prof. Dr. Qin Yang studied mechanical engineering and computer application technology at the Hefei University of Technology, China. He received Master’s degree and Doctor’s degree in computer application technology in 2000 and 2005, respectively. He has been working as an associate professor at the school of mechanical engineering, Hefei University of Technology since 2005. Additionally he has supervised 15 master students (10 graduated) since 2008.

He employed as a visiting scholar in Institute of Computer-aided Product Development Systems (IRIS), Stuttgart University, Germany from March 2007 to December 2007. Since December 2017, he has been working as a visiting scholar in Industrial Information Technology (IIT), TUB. His research is currently focusing on customer requirement information in product development processes. He is the inventor of several patents and over 40 contributions to journals.

Research topics

  • Customer requirement description method
  • Product knowledge modeling
  • Design knowledge processing and optimization
  • Intelligent manufacturing

Selected publications

  • Customer requirement acquisition system and requirement expression guidance based on antcolony optimization
    Qin Yang, Haisen Jiao, Fei Song, Gaofeng Pan, Daozhu Wei
    Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2017.6.28, 9(6): 1~9

  • Research on Rationality of Multi Domain Requirements for Products Based on DSM
    Qin Yang, Fei Song, Gaofeng Pan, Haisen Jiao
    China Mechanical Engineering. 2017 28(12): 1455-1461. (in Chinese)

  • Multi-objective Reasoning of Customer Requirements Based on Bayes-Nash Equilibrium
    Qin Yang, Liyun Chen, Xiang Xu, Kang Huang
    Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics. 2016 28(4): 669-676. (in Chinese)

  • Study on micro segment gear surface engineering process modeling based on polychromatic sets.
    Qin Yang, Xiang Xu, Liyun Chen, Kang Huang
    China Mechanical Engineering. 2016 27(6): 815-821. (in Chinese)

  • Product Function-structure Modeling Based on Nodes Characteristic Matrix
    Qin Yang, Liyun Chen, Xiang Xu
    Advances in Engineering Research. 2015,37: 1463-1468.



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